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The 3 Times In Your Life You Should Re-Evaluate Your Dental Plan

best dentist los angeles pasadenaFor those of us with employer-sponsored dental coverage, open enrollment happens just once a year. During those open enrollment periods, most people just roll their insurance plans over to the next year without a second thought. But, there are certain life events that should prompt you to take a hard look at your coverage — even if you’re outside of your open enrollment period.
Certain events, in particular, qualify us for a special enrollment period.
A special enrollment period is any time outside your employer’s open enrollment period where you can sign up for health insurance. 
Here are 3 times in your life when you should re-evaluate your dental plan — and should qualify you for special enrollment period:

Turning 26

Obamacare allowed you to stay on your parent’s plan until age 26. But, now, it’s time to start shopping for your own insurance plan. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to finding a dental insurance plan.
If your employer offers dental coverage, talk to the benefits specialist in your human resources department. They’ll tell you about the plan’s coverage and help you register.
If your employer doesn’t offer a dental plan or you’re self-employed, you can purchase an Individual and Family plan. 
You have to be quick about this!
You have just 60 days after you turn 26 to evaluate and make a decision before you’re no longer eligible to enroll.


Congratulations! Now it’s probably time to add your spouse to your dental plan.

If you and your spouse have individual plans, consider which one best meets your needs. Then, make the changes with your employer.
If both of your individual plans have coordination of benefits provisions, you may want to consider keeping both and adding each other as dependents. 
You have 2 to 4 months to add a spouse as a dependent after your get married.

Having or Adopting a Child

Healthy smiles start early. You should add your newborn to your coverage within their first month. 
Adopting a child also qualifies you for a special enrollment period. Be sure to add them within 30 days after the adoption is finalized.

What’s next?

Talk to your human resources department or visit to learn more about special enrollment periods.


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