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The Case Against Oral Piercings

The Case Against Oral Piercings

best dentist pasadena ca the science of smilesIf your son or daughter is pining for oral piercings, and you need some help trying to dissuade him or her — look no further than our office. Whether your child wants her tongue, cheek or lip pierced or is toying with the idea of tongue splitting, schedule an appointment with us. We may be able to convince your teen otherwise.

Problems From Tongue Splitting

Tongue splitting is a new fad that began in the late 90s and consists of splitting the tongue from the front to the back. After securing the two ends with fishing line, the tongue heals and looks much like a snake or lizard with a forked tongue. Unfortunately, this trendy new form of self-expression can cause infections and a possible speech impediment. According to Wikipedia, the longer the split, the greater the speech problems will be.

Side Effects from Oral Piercings

Executed the same way as ear and belly button piercing, oral piercings can cause serious issues including infection. Tongue, cheek, and lip piercing can also cause serious problems for teeth and gums not to mention the rest of the body.

Because the mouth is home to a massive amount of bacteria, additional bacteria could occur from the piercing itself, not to mention the jewelry handling. Not only does this increase the risk of infection, but it can also cause serious diseases such as hepatitis B and C and the herpes simplex virus.

The wound that was created from the piercing could allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, and if your son or daughter has undetected heart problems your teen could develop endocarditis, which is an inflammation of the valves of the heart and the heart itself.

Prone to Gum Disease, Nerve Damage Risk

After the piercing, it is normal to experience some numbness, but there have been some cases of oral piercings that have resulted in permanent nerve damage. The nerve damage could cause movement problems that could affect the ability to eat and talk properly.

People who have oral piercings are also more susceptible to gum disease and tooth damage as the jewelry worn comes in contact with the teeth and gums. Constant contact could result in gum recession, which could eventually lead to tooth loss. Teeth that are in contact with the piercing can cause tooth cracking and/or chipping.

Does this sound like fun? Your teen may not think so either.

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