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The Exceptional Patient Experience

The Exceptional Patient Experience

Spear Continuing Education in Arizona

Our entire team spent three days in June learning how to provide the best possible dental experience to our patients.

Here’s what we learned:

Our office understands how dentistry can be overwhelming, even a little scary. Flashbacks to negative experiences may have held some patients back from getting the oral healthcare they need.
We focused on improving the patient experience to make all that a problem of the past.

For example, from the moment you walk in, you’ll notice how you are welcomed. We want to know more about you, our patient, so we can make you feel at home. We love hearing about your family and travels; pictures are a plus!

We put our patients’ needs first. We want to listen to you and to learn about how you think you could improve your dental health and your smile. At the same time, we’re excited to educate you about the latest advances in oral health such as microscopy, biomimetics, ozone therapy, and airway prosthodontics.

We will walk you through every diagnosis, and work with you to help you plan your treatment and finance your dental needs.

It’s simple: from start to finish, we are doubling down on our patient-centered philosophy to give you the experience you deserve.

We look forward to serving YOU!

Dr. Stender, Dr. Stein and The Science of Smiles Team

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