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The New Quip is Like the "Telsa of Toothbrushes"

The New Quip is Like the “Telsa of Toothbrushes”

best dentist pasadena caIf you’re like a lot of people, that bright neon-colored toothbrush is probably an eyesore in your bathroom. Not only that, it’s probably been sitting there way too long.

Fortunately, one startup is trying to solve both problems by offering eye-catching electric toothbrushes with mail-order heads.

Introducing, Quip.

Sleek and Smart

Now, we are not one to promote products — but Quip is worth our patients’ attention.  For starters, its sleek design is very attractive and its subscription service for mail-order heads makes remembering to replace the brush a breeze.

Quip offers eight different styles of brush handles—four manual and four electric—in either blue or green plastic ($5 manual, $25 electric) or in a silver or darker slate-brushed metal ($20 manual, $40 electric). Its business model is simple: Buy a toothbrush and subscribe to get replacements.

You are billed every three months, and it’s all sent to your door without you having to think about it.

There are no commitments, and you can cancel whenever you want.

Why its Different

The Quip electric brush vibrates instead of spinning around like a traditional electric toothbrush, and like (the much more expensive) Sonicare’s “Quadpacer” function, it pulses every 30 seconds telling you to change the part of your mouth you’re brushing. Ideally, you brush each quadrant for 30 seconds, when the Quip gives you a triple pulse to tell you to turn it off. The button is nicely integrated into the rubber at the base of each head. Quip claims the AAA battery inside will last a solid three months, like your brush head.

The manual version is like any other standard toothbrush, but easier on the eye!

Brush heads for both versions pop in and out easily and offer up soft bristles which is a must.

We know it’s hard to get too excited about a toothbrush, but we think this is worth a try. Plus, the smaller brush head is easy to maneuver, it looks great docked to the side of your medicine cabinet, and it reminds us to keep brushing when you think it’s time to stop.

Want to learn more? Check out their website HERE.


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