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The Social Stigma Behind Bad Teeth is Real

bad teethDid you watch the Oscars on Sunday night? Did you happen to notice just how beautifully perfect the celebrities’ teeth were? This is not a coincidence. Perfect pearly whites are a gold standard in Hollywood. Without them, a celebrity can consider his or herself officially washed up.

The same stigma applies in the business world. If you have bad teeth, whether merely a tad yellow or full-fledged rotting, it will be harder to get a job.

As reported by the New Yorker,

“Those struggling to get ahead in the job market quickly find that the unsightliness of bad teeth, and the self-consciousness that results, can become a major barrier. If your teeth are bad, you’re not going to get a job as a receptionist, say, or a cashier. You’re going to be put in the back somewhere, far from the public eye.”

As brutal as the stigma seems here in the Western world, those in the East, particularly Asia, have it much easier. In Japan, for instance, people with crooked teeth are considered “endearing,” even more trustworthy. This proves that finding “bad teeth” ugly and distasteful is a cultural phenomenon.

No matter how you view teeth, the important thing is mouth-body connection; the correlation between good oral health and good overall body health. Dirty mouths and teeth lead can to gum disease. And, gum disease is a potential indicator of serious chronic illnesses and inflammatory diseases.

Here at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES we strive to keep our patients’ teeth and mouths clean and healthy. Cosmetic features, like teeth whitening and straightening with Invisalign, are just added bonuses. We value the health of your smile… and we feel that every smile is beautiful, no matter how crooked or discolored your teeth may seem.

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