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Things to Avoid After Dental Implants

Dental implants can give you the chewing strength you’re missing to enjoy any type of food. Before going all-in on a burger or a steak, you need to let your dental implants fully heal and combine with your jawbone. That’s why it’s critical to avoid certain types of foods for the first weeks after you visit your dental implant clinic.

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Foods to Avoid

You don’t want to damage your recent dental implants just to invest more money and time in a new procedure. So you should avoid these type of foods for at least a week after implant surgery:

Hard Foods

Hard foods like steaks or burgers demand you to over chew food to swallow it and digest it. Some rough foods like burgers also force you to open your jaw more than recommended and can be painful after dental implant surgery. 

Crunchy Food

Crunchy food like popcorn or chips can cause your dental implants to break or knock them down as they’re still in the process of combining with your jawbone. 

Sticky Food

Yes, candies like caramel or anything sticky that can adhere easily to your implants might represent a problem when cleaning them afterward. 

Acidic & Spicy Foods

Oranges, tomatoes, limes, salsa, and chiles can affect the surgical area, causing pain and delaying the healing process. Acidic foods can also eat your enamel and cause erosion. 

Extreme Hot & Cold Foods

As dental implants are made of titanium, they can heat up with more ease than regular teeth. Drinking hot liquids will cause the surrounding cells to burn and eventually loosen up the implant. If you combine hot and cold foods, you can push the porcelain crown to crack as it expands with the heat and later contracts with the cold. 

Get a Dental Implant Specialist 

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