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Top 5 Most-Hated Halloween Candy

Top 5 Halloween Candy Kids Hate the Most

Each year about this time, Halloween candy becomes a popular topic on this blog and in the office. Yesterday, I discussed the issue of sugar overload on Halloween — and in years past, I’ve written about candies that are the absolute worst for teeth.

But today I thought I’d cover something a little more fun: The most-hated Halloween candy.

Sure, we all have our favorites. The Snickers bars. Peanut M&Ms and Butterfingers. But what about candy corn? Or boring tootsie rolls?

Here’s a look at what The Huffington Post says is the most-hated candy people don’t want in their trick-or-treat bags.

1. Candy Corn

Candy Corn is a Halloween staple, but those little tri-colored pieces are very controversial. Hands down the most polarizing candy, here’s a sampling of what protestors had to say about the sweet, waxy product: “Who the heck wants candy modeled after a vegetable?!?” “I’d rather eat a crayon!”

2. Bit-O-Honey

Yes, they still make this candy. And, no, most people don’t eat it. The honey-flavored taffy embedded with almond bits takes a long-time to chew, and it can get majorly stuck in your teeth.

3. Tootsie Roll

Blame the wax-like consistency once again, but at least this hard chew does seem to have some history: in 1896 Tootsie founder Leo Hirschfeld allegedly wanted to create a product that would not melt easily in the heat as an economic alternative to traditional chocolate. The cocoa-flavored sweet sold for a penny a piece, so you get what you pay for? Real chocolate please!

4. Good & Plenty

Don’t be fooled by the cute pink and white capsules – because the little treats have a dark soul! One bite and, yuck, people get a strong, intense flavor of black licorice. Plenty of people have nothing good to say about Good & Plenty.


These very sweet (and slightly sour) tablets in six fruity flavors are simply too much for some taste buds. But the biggest complaint overall is their “gross” chalky texture.

There’s still time to shop, so don’t miss this list of candies that ARE worth the calories. Check out the brands that took the top spots in awesome Halloween candy!


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