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Types of cutting-edge technologies and how it will benefit me?

Currently, my four favorite are one, air abrasion, which is essentially a mini sandblaster. I use it primarily to clean the surfaces of teeth which allows for better bonds. It also lets me see small cracks that weren’t visible before so that I can fix them so that they don’t result in the later loss of the tooth. It’s really an amazing machine.

My next favorite is the laser. I cut people with it. Actually, I use it primarily to remove diseased tissue in procedures like gingivectomies. It also allows me to remove tissue from biopsies without having to numb the patient.

Number three is cad cam. I take a photograph of your tooth instead of making an impression. No more smelly sticky goop in your mouth. With a picture, I think use a 3-axis milling machine to fabricate your tooth right there in the office. The whole procedure can take as little as 90 minutes.

The fourth is ozone, and the way that I use it is so new, it hasn’t made its way through FDA approval. However, it has been used in Europe for many years. Essentially, I use ozone as a disinfectant and a bactericide. Put more simply, it kills bad things dead, which means I don’t have to remove as much of your tooth when I’m putting in a filling.