Want to Switch to a Sonic Toothbrush? Here’s What You Need to Know

Want to Switch to a Sonic Toothbrush? Here’s What You Need to Know

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sonic toothbrushAs the saying goes, “Out with the old, in with the new.” And there is no better time than right now to revamp your oral health routine by, perhaps, tossing that old standard toothbrush for a sonic toothbrush. But with so many on store shelves, and at various prices, how do you know which one to buy.

Power Toothbrushes: Electric vs Sonic Toothbrushes

There are dozens of electric toothbrush brands available — all of them with their individual features, including re-chargeable batteries, compact design for easy travel, and different bristle options.

The two main types of power toothbrushes are electric and sonic – the difference between the two really comes down to numbers.

  • Electric Toothbrushes: Electric toothbrushes are powered to replicate the motion of your hand – doing the muscle work for you. The bristles on these toothbrushes either rotate or move back and forth to help remove plaque.
  • Sonic Toothbrushes: Sonic toothbrushes rotate in a back and forth vibrating motion, offering 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute.  The rapid motion is what makes sonic toothbrushes so popular.

With a standard hand-powered toothbrush, people usually get in 300 strokes per minute. So if you brushed your teeth for two-minutes (recommended!), your teeth are hit with 600 strokes – as opposed to the thousands of strokes you might get with the high-tech variety.

Preference and Technique

Does it really matter which type of sonic or electric toothbrush you buy?

Not really. It’s all about preference and technique.

If you have dexterity problems, or need some fun motivation to brush your teeth – then perhaps electric or sonic toothbrushes may be good choice for you. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with standard – inexpensive – toothbrushes with soft bristles.

No matter which toothbrush you choose, aim to brush effectively. Brush twice a day – morning and night – for at least two minutes each time. And always supplement tooth brushing with flossing and bi-annual dental hygiene cleanings.

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