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Waterpik or Dental Floss : Which is Right for You?

best dentist pasadena caDid you know that brushing your teeth, alone, only gets your mouth 60% clean. This means that you are allowing 40% of that bacterial film that collects in your mouth to add up over time.

Halitosis anyone?

Beyond questionable breath, think of what this does to your gums in terms of gingivitis and periodontitis. Think about the possible yellowing that can occur between your teeth. Regular flossing helps to get rid of this. The truth is, if people enjoyed flossing, they’d do it more, but they don’t. Fortunately now, people have the choice of choosing between waterpik or floss.

Waterpik or Floss?

The main reason people “forget” to floss their teeth is that they think it takes too much time — plus flossing may not be easy for everyone. This can be, in part, due to crooked teeth, restorative dental work, braces and other issues that prevent proper flossing. In addition, it’s hard to floss teeth with the proper technique. People have to hold floss correctly, place it between their teeth, scrape each tooth and get areas of the gums in between teeth.

The Many Benefits of the Waterpik

  • Powerful Jets of Water— Waterpiks have variable jets of water. When first starting out, use it on a lower setting. As your gums get healthier, you can use a greater force of water. These powerful jets of water help to flush away harmful bacteria in a way that’s superior to dental floss alone.
  • Thorough Cleaning— Flossing, alone, cannot get into all of the nooks and crannies of the mouth the way a waterpik can. A waterpik can spray into and beneath the gum-line and remove plaque all the way around a tooth. Flossing can only get plaque that’s in between teeth, and it cannot effectively remove all of the bacteria in and around teeth.
  • Fresh Breath— Waterpiks help to freshen breath because they are useful in removing bacteria from between teeth and beneath the gum-line.
  • Reduction in Gingivitis— Gingivitis can be reversed, but periodontitis cannot. Regular use of waterpiks helps to restore gums back to health.
  • Restorative Dentistry and Braces—  Waterpiks help to blast away food particles that can cling to braces. A common occurrence with braces is that when people have them removed, there is often discoloration on each tooth evidencing where each bracket was. Waterpiks are useful in extending the life of restorative dentistry too.

Using a Waterpik AND Floss

Waterpiks have their advantages, and if people aren’t going to floss at all, waterpiks are better than nothing. However, flossing, then using a waterpik, followed by brushing will help to thoroughly clean the entire mouth. Patients also need to schedule regular appointments for cleanings. Hygiene cleanings will remove built-up tartar that neither a waterpik or dental floss can’t remove.


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