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What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Traditional restorative dental procedures such as root canals, bridges, and crowns effectively restore tooth structure and oral health. Regardless of the result, these procedures are invasive and require further destruction of a damaged or infected tooth.

Biomimetic dentistry is a more natural approach to restorative dentistry that is gaining traction in the field. Biomimetic dentistry in Pasadena focuses on strengthening decayed, damaged, or weak teeth instead of drilling, grinding or extracting them.

How Does Biomimetic Dentistry Work?

Dr. Stender is one of the only practicing Biomimetic Dentists in Los Angeles County where he focuses on treating problematic teeth before restorative surgery is the only option. For example, a fractured tooth is vulnerable to severe dental issues such as cavities and infection. A biomimetic dental treatment for the same condition would involve destroying the infection through non–invasive means, followed by immediate measures to strengthen the tooth.

Biomimetic Dentistry Imitates Nature

The term biomimetic refers to the study of the biologically produced substances in an organism to synthesize a similar material that mimics the organic one. If you break it down even further, “Bio” means life and “mimetic” means to mimc. So, Biomimetic literally means to mimic life.

With an understanding of how to mimic natural tooth structure, biomimetic dentists strive to provide a more natural, organic solution to oral health concerns. For example, instead of extracting or grinding down a chipped tooth, a biomimetic dentist would repair the tooth by bonding fractured teeth back together or rebuilding missing portions of the tooth with materials that mimic natural dentition. This less invasive approach preserves the basic tooth structure and bypasses the need for tooth removal.

The result is a healthy, comfortable, natural-looking mouth. Biomimetic dentistry is most often utilized in aesthetic and restorative procedures but can be applied to all types of dentistry.

What Are the Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry in Los Angeles and Pasadena?

Some standard restorative dental procedures destroy or permanently remove natural adult teeth. Utilizing biomimetic techniques in dental care reduces the need to extract, drill or grind down teeth for root canals, crowns, implants, and other dental procedures. The enhanced preventive nature of biomimetic dentistry in Pasadena helps preserve your natural teeth and eliminate dental procedures that are costly and invasive.

Biomimetic vs. Traditional Dentistry: What Is the Difference?

Traditional and biomimetic dentistry share the common goal of improving tooth structure, integrity, and function in the mouth. As the forerunner to the biomimetic dental approach, traditional dentistry achieves this result by removing damaged and decaying teeth and replacing them with sturdy dental prosthetics.

Having teeth that can withstand daily wear and tear is paramount to good oral health. While there are benefits to replacing damaged or missing teeth, the approach in traditional dentistry involves the inadvertent destruction surrounding healthy tooth structure during the restoration process.

Biomimetic dentistry takes a step back from the “remove and replace” model and strives to heal and strengthen damaged teeth or to replace them with a more natural alternative.

Biomimetic dentistry in Pasadena and Los Angeles will achieve the same goals as traditional dentistry but utilizes natural, non–toxic materials and a less invasive approach.

Biomimetic Dental Practice in Pasadena, CA

Dr. H. Robert Stender is Pasadena’s top-rated dentist. He and his highly skilled team at The Science Of Smiles® strive to provide first-rate dental care in a safe and comforting environment.

Dr. Stender’s conservative approach to restorative and aesthetic dentistry ensures that your dental work replicates the look and feel of a natural tooth. Dr. Stender utilizes cutting-edge technology and specially selected materials to produce results that are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting.

Are you ready to learn about the benefits of biomimetic dentistry in Pasadena?

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