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What To Expect At Your Dentist After COVID-19

After Covid-19, the Pandemic has come to change our daily activities, including visiting the Dentist. At this time, over 70% of the US population has been vaccinated, and people are ready to get back to their normal activities, and doing a dental check-up is not the exception.

Doctor Robert Stender is equipped with all the necessary security measures to have a safe visit.


Prepare For The Appointment

It is key to prepare before you have an appointment with Doctor Stender. For that, you must take care, even more, the days before to make sure you are completely healthy. Due to social distance prevention, limiting the number of people you will bring to the appointment is recommended.

At The Moment Of Your Appointment

In order to keep yourself and others safe, it is vital that you take some preventative measures.

  • Wear a Mask

It is required that people wear masks in public, be sure to wear one to your appointment.

  • Wash your hands

Inside the office, you may notice people often touch things in the waiting room, be sure to use hand sanitizer and wash your hands when you get there.

  • Cleansing and Disinfection

When you get to the Dentist´s office, you will notice many things have changed for you to be safe. Your Dentist could be using different protective equipment such as different masks, face shields, etc. This will help you both to protect from the virus.

After The Appointment

Once you finish the appointment, you will notice that the Doctor´s Stender Staff will disinfect and clean up everything and every place you were in; that way, the next patient will feel safe and comfortable.

Have A Safe Visit At H. Robert Stender DDS

After almost two years of being in lockdown, going to the Dentist to check the health of your teeth is essential. If you live in Pasadena, CA., and you need a dentist, Doctor Robert Stender is the best choice. He will provide you with everything you require to have a safe visit, and he will take care of you and your loved ones.

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