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When to Introduce Kids to the Dentist

introduce kids to the dentistThat first reveal of baby’s first tooth is always an exciting one for new parents. It’s a development milestone, and also the beginning of life long oral health care. Yes, even that single tooth in your baby’s mouth needs to be cared for daily.

And, to ensure your child receives and develops good oral hygiene habits for life, we recommend parents book their child’s first dental appointment by age 3. Before this, don’t expect much in the way of tooth or mouth pain, other than teething, from your children. That doesn’t come until AFTER your child has a full mouth of teeth.

To prepare for your child’s first dental checkup, bring your child along to one of your own dental cleanings. This will give your child a chance to meet me and the hygiene staff here at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES. This type of visit will allow your child to see what happens at our office, and to get comfortable with the surroundings.

For over 30 years, THE SCIENCE OF SMILES has been providing friendly, quality dental care to families in Southern California. From conducting a child’s first visit to keeping seniors’ smiles healthy in their golden years, all of us here at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES use the latest techniques and technology to keep families smiling.

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