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Image of women smile comparing a yellow shade of teeth vs a white shade

Which Shade of White is Too Bright For Your Smile?

One concern my teeth whitening patients voice to me is getting a smile that is too bright. People always ask whether “is b1 tooth shade too white” or “what is the whitest shade of teeth.” Although it’s true that I can whiten your smile as much as you want, sometimes people go overboard and obtain a level of white that just doesn’t look natural.

Best Shades of White for Your Smile

At H. Robert Stender DDS, I work to achieve the best shade of white for your face.  You might wonder what the whitest shade of teeth is? One of the whitest shade is known as b1. If you’re looking for a more natural shade of white we suggest you compare a1 to b1 tooth color. Since, A1 resembles a darker shade of white than b1. But at the end of the day, it depends on you and what tone will make you look better.  

Reasons to white your Smile

White Teeth Give a Healthier Appearance

Healthy tooth enamel looks naturally white but when erosion, decay, or other damage occurs to the enamel, it becomes discolored. In this case, people look to professional teeth whitening to get a healthier appearance.

However, when your teeth are too white, people might think they’re covered with restorations like crowns or dentures  — which leads them to believe that you are trying to hide unhealthy teeth.

White Teeth Will Make You Look More Friendly

Not only can a whiter smile help your teeth look healthier, but also friendlier. A perfect shade of white teeth can help you make a great first impression. A whiter smile makes you look friendlier, healthier, younger and more attractive. As a result, your increased confidence can lead to more success in your life.

The key to achieving the best shade of white for your smile is by discussing it with us. Schedule a consultation to learn more about professional teeth whitening or porcelain veneers by calling our office at 626-624-4043.

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