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What’s the Whitest Tooth Shade for Your Smile?

Millions of people whiten their teeth because it will make them look better when smiling, and they will feel good with themselves. However, many have the misunderstanding that white is the only tooth shade. However, there are quite a few different shades.

It’s essential to know which is the right shade for your teeth. The question is, though, are you sure what’s the whitest tooth shade for your smile, and why is it important?

The Palette of the Whitest Tooth Shades

Tooth shades are divided into four categories, A, B, C, and D. Each category is subdivided by the shade color starting from a white shade to a brown and reddish-gray shade. However, what’s important here is the white tooth shades, which can be named as the palette of the whitest shades. These shades are A1, B1, and C1.

Now that you know about the palette of the whitest tooth shades, you might be wondering, “Is B1 tooth shade too white?”, “What is the whitest shade of teeth?”, ” A1 or B1 tooth shade?.” Then, let’s see what’s the answer to these questions.

  • Is B1 Tooth Shade Too White?

Among the three shades that are part of the palette of the whitest tooth shades, the B1 tooth shade and A1 tooth shade are considered the two whitest shades. However, neither of those two shades are “too white” because they are considered natural white shades.

  • What is the Whitest Shade of Teeth? A1 or B1 tooth shade?

Between the two natural shades, the B1 tooth shade is the whitest. A1 has a darker shade of white than B1. However, it is important to know that B1 is not currently the whitest shade in this world.

Because of the introduction of bleaching products, white shades are now even lighter than the lightest B1 shade. These lighter shades of white are known as Hollywood shades as they are whiter than natural teeth.

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