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Who is Dr. Stender?

First of all, I’m passionate about what I do. Some people might describe me as intense, but that’s okay. I’m an intense job and I love it. You might think being a dentist is all about fixing the problem that is there today, but really, it’s all about preventing the problems that will be there tomorrow.

I love making sure there will be no problems tomorrow for my patients, and my reviews back me up. I’ve got a five-star reputation, and I work at it everyday to keep it there. If there’s a piece of equipment that helps me do my job better, I buy it. If there’s a class that can teach me something I don’t know, I take it. I’m a problem solver, I like fixing things, and people are the best things to fix. Plus they say thank you, which is always nice.

At heart however, I think of myself as an educator. I want to help teach my patients how to help themselves.

In an ideal world, I’d love to get them to the point where they don’t even need me.