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Why Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower and On the Toilet Isn't Such a Great Idea

Why Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower and On the Toilet Isn’t Such a Great Idea

the science of smiles dr stenderThere’s no doubt about it: Brushing your teeth is a MUST. BUT, there are occasions when it isn’t such a great idea. Here are 4 times when tooth brushing can wait.

1. In The Shower

There’s a time and place for brushing your teeth, and the shower is not it. When you rush to brush, your 2-minute routine gets cut short. Plus, there are millions of microbes bathing on your shower head. The moist and germ-filled environment exposes your mouth to all of those shower bacteria. Brush your teeth in front of the mirror to keep it clean.

2. After You Vomit

As much as you want to get that awful taste out of your mouth, it’s best to wait to wait at least 30-minutes to brush your teeth after vomiting. Like many foods, vomit contains acid, and the gastric acid in it erodes tooth enamel. The thinned enamel leaves teeth temporary tender, thus making them susceptible to damage. If you can stomach it, eat something bland or sip water to ease that bad taste.

3. On The Toilet 

The toilet is not ideal for brushing your teeth. Brush at least 6 feet away from the toilet — bacteria can get airborne and into your mouth . Not good!

4. When You’re Tempted to Borrow Your Partner’s Toothbrush 

You can brush beside your partner…just don’t share a toothbrush! The act of brushing boosts bacteria in your bloodstream, making immune systems more susceptible to infection. Reserve the sharing for milk shakes and laughter.

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