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Why Losing Molars (and Not Replacing Them) is a Big Deal

Why Losing Molars (and Not Replacing Them) is a Big Deal

best general dentist pasadena caMolars are back teeth a lot of people take for granted. That’s probably because since we don’t actually see them when we smile, we don’t really think about them.

Molars are actually some of the biggest teeth in our mouths. They are essential for chewing and grinding food. Molars also play an important role in maintaining facial structure.

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What Happens When Molars Fall Out

If a molar falls out due to decay, you can expect:

  • Other teeth in your mouth to become misaligned.
  • Your facial features to collapse.
  • Skin around your mouth to wrinkle.

None of it is pretty, nor healthy.

Caring for Your Back Molars

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According to the American Dental Association, nearly 9 out of 10 cases of tooth decay start from a person’s back molars.

Because molars are the teeth furthest away from the opening of the mouth, it can be difficult for most toothbrushes to reach food particles stuck in the pits and grooves of back teeth.

If left unchecked by a dentist or oral hygienist, these particles can build up into dental plaque or tartar, or become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can eventually lead to tooth decay.

To make sure that hard-to-reach spots are clean, and molars are free from damage, I recommended using toothbrushes with small heads, or those specially-designed to clean back teeth.

Dental Implants Can Replace Lost Molars

If you lose a back molar, the best treatment option, and one I highly recommend, is a dental implant.

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An implant serves as an artificial tooth root and supports a prosthetic crown to stand in for the missing molar. When I place a dental implant as a stand-in for a molar, the bone osseointegrates with the implant, which becomes a fixture in the jaw. The physical link with the jaw renders the dental implant more life like than like a dental bridge or denture.

Have you experienced tooth loss? Contact us as soon as possible, before you put other parts of your mouth and face at risk.


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