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Get the Winning Combo With Teeth Whitening & Teeth Cleaning

Who wouldn’t like to have the brightest smile on earth, right? Smiling is one of the most common things humans do, and having bright healthy looking teeth will make us smile more confidently than we normally do. So, do you want to smile every day with the brightest, shinest, and whitest teeth of your entire life?

Thankfully, you have the greatest dentist in Pasadena to help you get those teeth of yours shining like a diamond, but in white. At H. Robert Stender DDS, Inc., we offer teeth whitening and teeth cleaning services. We know about the importance of having white teeth. Furthermore, we can ensure that it will be your winning combo to have the best and whitest teeth with these two services.


The Winning Combo

Getting teeth whitening and teeth cleaning is a perfect combo that almost no one knows about. However, today is your lucky day because you can have this winning combo at H. Robert Stender DDS, Inc., so you have your teeth shining and in excellent condition.

  • Teeth Whitening

As part of the winning combo recommendation, H. Robert Stender DDS, Inc. offers teeth whitening services in Pasadena. We know that your smile is very important, so we use a whitening treatment called the Opalescence Teeth Whitening System to bleach your teeth. This treatment helps you to brighten your smile, and it will last just one hour.

We offer two ways to perform this treatment so you can choose whatever fits you best and feel more comfortable with it. You have the option to receive an in-office Opalescence boost treatment or a professional Opalescence take-home kit. Both work just perfectly, and they will help you get your teeth as white as snow.

  • Teeth Cleaning

Robert Stender DDS, Inc. offers teeth cleaning services in Pasadena. The purpose of teeth cleaning is to have your teeth and gums in ongoing health. Therefore, It’s essential that you get your teeth cleaned every six months or even more often if you have a history of dental conditions such as gum disease or you are prone to decay.

At H. Robert Stender DDS, Inc., we will examine your teeth to see if you have any signs of trouble, such as cavities, periodontal disease, or even cancer, among others. Not only that, but we also will eliminate any tartar buildup or lingering plaque that you might have on the day of the examination. However, it’s important that you also clean your teeth at home by brushing your teeth and using mouthwash and dental floss.

Get Your Winning Combo with H. Robert Stender DDS, Inc.

Do you want to have the best smile ever with the brightest teeth in the world? With a professional dentist in Pasadena like H. Robert Stender DDS, Inc., you can have it.

We offer two different procedures for your teeth that can be the winning combo for you. We provide teeth cleaning services and teeth whitening services in all of Pasadena so you can have a bright and white smile.